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Radiant . Raw. Wild. Woman


For as long as women have been on earth, they have come together in sacred circle – to connect, to share, to nourish, to celebrate, to honour, to laugh, to cry and to heal. In our modern age of overwork, hyper-stimulation and increasing disconnect from ourselves and our source, the practice of this ancient tradition offers a powerful means to replenish and reconnect to our divine feminine essence, our Shakti.


The Kundalini Centre offers a monthly full-moon sacred women’s circle as a crucible for the unfoldment of our deep inner knowing, our wild woman wisdom and the liberation of the Goddess within, both as empowered individuals and a unified collective. We will journey together with the aid of the synergetic technologies of shamanism and kundalini yoga, in order to create practical and powerful personal transformation and healing, alongside deep connection to conscious feminine community.


Join us to experience:


- Celebration and expansion of your innate feminine vibrancy, sensuality and radiance

- Healing and transformation of pain and trauma

- Deep shamanic and yogic journeywork processes, ranging from divination, yogic breath and meditation, to ancestral healing, karmic clearing, and the use of sacred sound and dance, ritual and ceremony.

- Attunement to the elemental rhythms, seasons and cycles of yourself, your womb and the cosmos.

- Communion with other like-spirited women in a sacred space – share your stories and selves, honour and be honoured as woman.

Celebrate your radiant sensual self 

& connect to conscious feminine community


An exciting announcement for all Women!

For 2017, our format for Shakti Temple has evolved,

offering us an even more potent opportunity to step into our

sacred feminine power, wisdom, depth, joy and transformation!


With great love & reverence

I present to you...




    The goddess manifest project 2017

An ecstatic creation temple for Awakening Women 

ready to birth their sacred dreams into the world

    ... The journey begins MARCH 27, 2017 ...

      9 months. 9 Goddesses.

       9 Future Transformation Leaders.


    Let the manifestation begin.




















     The Goddess is Here. And she means business.    

Like a phoenix, the Divine Feminine is spreading her fiery wings and rising in all her resplendent glory.

Across the globe, we are seeing a rapid resurgence of the circles of Sacred Sisterhood. Women worldwide are Awakening to something extraordinary: the deep and unending Shakti power contained in their ecstatic wombs, their empassioned hearts and their inspired minds.



Together we are now singing a new song of creation.

We are writing the new rules of an Awakened Earth.


No longer can we remain limited by the old, crumbling paradigms of scarcity, competition and division which have held us fear-bound and trembling at the altar of smallness for too long.


We bow at a new altar now

The altar of our vast magnificence. The altar of our infinite plenitude. The altar of our raw and gritty revolutionary wildness. The altar of the dirt and the stardust from which we are made. The altar of the knowingness that WE are the Living Manifestation of the Goddess on Earth here and now. The altar of our bodies, minds and spirits as the templates (and temples) for the whole of Creation.


As transformational Awakening Women, we have BIG DREAMS. And the time is now for the evolution of the circles of Sacred Sisterhood to support the birthing of these dreams into real-world manifestation.

No longer are we content to simply sit in circle and ‘talk about things’.

And as powerful as it may be, even ‘meditation’ and ‘contemplation’ will only take us so far.

What we are collectively aching for is something MORE. Something revolutionary which extends far, far beyond the bounds of the temple walls. Something which starts from our Sacred Centres and Ignites our communities and the globe with its profoundly powerful (and potently practical) alchemical healing fire.









This is a call for:



9 FUTURE TRANSFORMATION LEADERS who are ready to STEP IN & STEP UP in their lives at all levels.

Who are ready to get their Global Goddess on. BIG TIME. 



























This circle is emphatically for YOU if:


  • you have been walking a devoted conscious living path, and are ready to take your evolution to the NEXT LEVEL


  •     you have a potent sacred vision for your life and/or a strong desire to be of sacred service to yourself, your loved ones and the World


  •   you are deeply committed to claiming radical responsibility for and entering into much deeper relationship with your physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual dimensions in order to birth your dreams


  • you are, or wholeheartedly desire to be: a transformational leader, an awakened Mother, a radical wife or   Lover, an urban shamaness, a revolutionary healer, a corporate alchemist, a rebel yogini, a writer, an artist, a coach, a cultural creative, a Goddesspreneur (business Goddess!), a political/legal/scientific/academic feminine tour-de-force, a tantrika/dakini, a powerful spiritual Priestess, a magnificent midwife of the Sacred (or anything else which resonates within this wheelhouse of awesome!)

  • You have grown beyond what is available in general women’s spiritual/yoga/goddess circles and coaching sessions and groups. While you can appreciate the beauty and sincerity of such spaces, you yearn to go much, much deeper.


  • You are seeking profound spiritual sisterhood support, radical accountability structures, and powerful consciousness evolving practices which will allow you to actualise your number one desires and visions THIS YEAR, with grace, ease, joy ….and ECSTASY!











Soooo…how does it work?


9 months is the optimal template for human creation via the sacred feminine gateway.

So, just as a mother carries her baby in her womb for 9 months,

we will carry and nurture our dreams in the womb of our ecstatic creation temple of sister-Goddesses for 9 months.

Each month at the New Moon, we will gather together at The Kundalini Centre (Odette’s yoga studio temple) to invoke the energy of one of nine Global Goddesses, each representing a different face of the Divine Feminine.

Using the wildly hot and holy techniques of the sacred feminine mysteries…including deep shamanic, tantric and kundalini yoga practices…we will enter the gateways represented by these 9 Sacred Feminine archetypes,

in order to unfold our visions into Reality over the duration of this transformational year. 

















MoonFire Sessions

Along with our face-to-face monthly New Moon gatherings, a crucial part of this process will be our MoonFire Sessions. These are online calls held twice monthly at the first quarter and third quarter of the moon. During the first quarter of the moon, we hold our Moonfire Sister Sessions – these consist of a ½ to 1 hour online call with your personal Sacred Sister, who you will be paired with at the beginning of the year. During the third quarter of the moon, we hold our Moonfire Circle Sessions – these consist of a 1 to 1.5 hour online group call with the entire temple group. We use the MoonFire sessions as an opportunity to check in with our sisters throughout the month, to maintain accountability for our manifestation process, and to receive and offer love, support and guidance amongst our co-creating Goddesses on this manifestation journey. Aligning our process with the moon and the creation-cycles of nature offers us an even more potent opportunity to easefully unfold our dreams into being. By synchronising ourselves with the deeper rhythms of creation, we become One with the creative force, as Shakti powerhouses of local and global change and healing.


Make no mistake. The decision to commit to this journey is a life-changing one.


If you have been languishing in any shade of stuckness, fear or confusion as to how to move forward to offer your sacred gifts in the world, committing to this journey is your opportunity to flip that script, step into radical manifestation-mode, and experience an enormous amount of depth, fun, sisterhood connection and expansive transformational Goddess goodness while you are at it!








9 Global Goddesses:


We journey with 9 Goddesses for Goddess Manifest Project 2017 -

1. Warrior Goddess of Death & Rebirth– Oya

2. Earth Mother Goddess – Pachamama (Gaia)

3. The Erotic Lover (Dakini / Tantrika) – Mary Magdalene & Aphrodite

4. Goddess of Wealth & Opulence – Lakshmi

7. Healing Goddess of Infinite Compassion – Kuan Yin

5. Goddess of Knowledge & Intelligence – Saraswati

6. The Visionary Shamaness & Boundary Crosser – Hekate

8. Goddess of Play – Baubo

9. The High Priestess Queen – Isis



Monday 27 March:

Warrior Goddess of Death & Rebirth– Oya (Mother of Nine)

- Tuesday 4th April 1st quarter Moonfire Sister Session

- Wednesday 19 April last quarter Moonfire Circle Session


Thursday 27 April:

Earth Mother Goddess – Pachamama (Gaia)

- Thursday 4 May 1st quarter MoonFire Sister Session

- Friday 19 May last quarter MoonFire Circle Session


Friday 26 May:

The Erotic Lover (Dakini / Tantrika)

– Mary Magdalene & Aphrodite

- Thursday 1 June 1st quarter MoonFire Sister Session

- Saturday 17 June last quarter MoonFire Circle Session


Saturday 24 June:

Goddess of Wealth & Opulence – Lakshmi

- Saturday 1 July 1st quarter MoonFire Circle Session

- Monday 17 July last quarter MoonFire Sister Session


Saturday 29 July:

Healing Goddess of Infinite Compassion – Kuan Yin

- Monday 31 July 1st quarter MoonFire Circle Session

- Monday 14 August last quarter MoonFire Sister Session

Monday 21 August:

Goddess of Knowledge & Intelligence – Saraswati

- Monday 28 August 1st quarter MoonFire Sister Session

- Thursday 14 September last quarter MoonFire Circle Session


Thursday 21 September:

The Visionary Shamaness & Boundary Crosser – Hekate

- Thursday 28 September 1st quarter MoonFire Sister Session

- Thursday 12 October last quarter MoonFire Circle Session


Friday 20 October:

Goddess of Play – Baubo

- Saturday 28 October 1st quarter MoonFire Sister Session

- Satruday 11 November last quarter MoonFire Circle Session


Saturday 18 November:

The High Priestess Queen – Isis

- Monday 27 November 1st quarter MoonFire Sister Session

- Sunday 10 November last quarter MoonFire Circle Session

What time?


* All New Moon Goddess Circles are held in person 6.30pm - late at The Kundalini Centre

* All Moonfire Sister Circles are held online on the date specified for 30 mins to 1 hour, 

at a time suitable for you and your assigned Sacred Sister

*All Moonfire Circle Sessions are held online on the date specified at 7.15pm, for 1 to 1.5 hours
















Goddess Manifest Project, our exclusive temple group, is limited to 9 women only

as we traverse this evolutionary and ecstatic journey of divine feminine co-creation over the course of 2017. 


come, goddess...


-in 2017-






Advance Earlybird Exchange: $999 upfront

for bookings before January 21, 2017

(or 3 payments of $333 made over 3 months, plus $108 admin)

Earlybird Exchange: $1080 upfront

for bookings made before February 1, 2017

(or 3 payments of $333 made over 3 months, plus $188 admin)

Standard Exchange: $1333 upfront

(or 4 payments of $333 over 4 months, plus $108 admin)

To apply to join this exclusive evolutionary circle, please contact Odette, founder of the Kundalini Centre, 

at or 0423 985 245, to receive an application form.


























    the goddess manifest project 2017 


9 Months. 9 Global Goddesses. 

9 Future Transformation Leaders.

Get ready world, 

This is about to get REAL -

Goddess Style











Image credits: we would like to thank Wild Woman Sisterhood & Anandha Ray for some of the images on this page. 

                       Shakti Temple:

                   A Shamanic Yoga Circle for Women

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