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                       Shakti Temple:

                   A Shamanic Yoga Circle for Women






Radiant . Raw. Wild. Woman


For as long as women have been on earth, they have come together in sacred circle – to connect, to share, to nourish, to celebrate, to honour, to laugh, to cry and to heal. In our modern age of overwork, hyper-stimulation and increasing disconnect from ourselves and our source, the practice of this ancient tradition offers a powerful means to replenish and reconnect to our divine feminine essence, our Shakti.


The Kundalini Centre offers a monthly full-moon sacred women’s circle as a crucible for the unfoldment of our deep inner knowing, our wild woman wisdom and the liberation of the Goddess within, both as empowered individuals and a unified collective. We will journey together with the aid of the synergetic technologies of shamanism and kundalini yoga, in order to create practical and powerful personal transformation and healing, alongside deep connection to conscious feminine community.


Join us to experience:


- Celebration and expansion of your innate feminine vibrancy, sensuality and radiance

- Healing and transformation of pain and trauma

- Deep shamanic and yogic journeywork processes, ranging from divination, yogic breath and meditation, to ancestral healing, karmic clearing, and the use of sacred sound and dance, ritual and ceremony.

- Attunement to the elemental rhythms, seasons and cycles of yourself, your womb and the cosmos.

- Communion with other like-spirited women in a sacred space – share your stories and selves, honour and be honoured as woman.


Celebrate your radiant sensual self 

& connect to conscious feminine community 



Full moon circles run 6.30 - late

at The Kundalini Centre



















The Mahavidya 

Tantric Goddess Journey 2019  

A year-long full moon shamanic-kundalini odyssey through

the Ten Tantric Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga

... The journey begins February 9, 2020 ...
















is your invitation 


To step in

to your wild, primal, Goddessence 




is your permission


To enter the kaleidoscope of your consciousness

& triumphantly unearth the hidden jewels




is your opportunity 


To claim your sacred seat in a revolutionary holy circle of sisters,

your conscious feminine TRIBE 



is the dawning of a new era in the trajectory of sacred feminine evolution

in Australia and beyond



Are you in?










Then buckle up sister, it's gonna be a wild ride!




















Join this exclusive group, limited to 10 women only, as we traverse this evolutionary feminine journey over the course of 2019. 

Each month at the full moon for ten months we will be blessed to journey deeply with one of the Ten Mahavidyas - otherwise known as the Ten Tantric Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga.

Using the potent and synergetic technologies of kundalini yoga, shamanic practice and tantra, we will explore the themes, energy and practices of the ten Goddesses, in order to powerfully awaken our inner divine essence, both as individuals and as a sacred collective.

With great reverence to our forbears, we will take inspiration from ancient tantric and yogic texts,

which outline the secrets of Goddess awakening used since time immemorial.


This is a journey dedicated to women who are serious about LIVING AWAKE.

Those who commit to this journey can expect radical transformation in their lives,

in direct proportion to their level of devotion to the divine feminine within.


Circles will be held monthly at the full moon from 6.30pm-late

at The Kundalini Centre













         2020 dates:


Sunday February 9: Kali – the Goddess of Yogic Transformation


Monday March 9: Tara –The Healing Goddess of Blood & Moon Cycles


Thursday April 9: Lalita Devi (Tripura Sundari) – The Goddess of Pure Radiant Beauty


Thursday May 7: Kamala – The Erotic Lotus of Love


Saturday June 6: Matangi – The Wild Visionary Creatrix 


Sunday July 5: Bhuvaneswari - The Queen of the Universe


Monday August 3: Chinnamasta – Consciousness Beyond the Mind

Friday October 2: Bagalamukhi – The Alchemist of Shadows


Thursday November 1: Bhairavi – The Warrior Goddess


Monday November 30: Dhumavati – The Wise Grandmother Spirit






















Advance Earlybird Investment: $888 for bookings made before 30 November, 2019

                                                                     Earlybird Investment: $1111 for bookings made before 31 December, 2019

                                                                    Standard Investment: $1313  


To apply to join this exclusive evolutionary circle, please contact Odette, founder of the Kundalini Centre, 

at or 0423 985 245, to receive an application form.


Awaken the Goddess within.

Sisters, it's our time to shine.
























What women are saying about Shakti Temple:


"Participating in The Kundalini Centre women’s circle was a truly enriching experience…

The circle was intimate with a lovely energy, and Odette was very welcoming and humbling. I love that, through these types of gatherings, women are able to come together from all walks of life, to share, listen and enjoy one another’s company. In the women’s circle you are accepted just the way you are, and accept others just the way they are also – an opportunity to be able to come together in this grounding way, to meet and connect with other women, is rare. Thanks to Odette and the lovely ladies I was able to share this with! I will be back for sure."


- Michelle Hanson, ACT


"Thank you for your benevolence and dedication in guiding the full moon sacred circle meditation for women. 

I still have a clear vision of my experience of connection to embracing earth from the meditation and am growing in strength each day..."


 - Jenn Nell, ACT


"I just want to say that I strongly encourage anyone interested to get involved in the Full-Moon Women's Shamanic Yoga Circle. I had the pleasure and honour of attending the last session and I can tell you that it was an incredible experience.

The kundalini yoga was of course fantastic (and in my mind, very well lead by Odette), the sharing circle sooo enlightening and the shamanic meditation was simply incredible. I felt light, whole, happy and free afterwards and so unbelievably grateful to have shared this experience with some amazing women.

It is a unique and special thing to have a regular circle dedicated to sharing and learning between women - something that should happen so much more!

Lastly, a massive thumbs up to Odette for establishing the centre and the circle. It's an amazing venture and I know that the centre will bring life and love into the ACT/QBN community. Again, I encourage anyone with an open mind, a spiritual purpose or an interest in developing a community of like-minded souls to get involved."


- Nicci Ella


"During a recent full moon, I joined a circle created by incredible and genuine women, each present to participate fully in the process we were led through by Odette.

Odette guided us brilliantly, creating a circle of compassion and love where we each felt comfortable to share and even to cry. Where we were able to let ourselves go, and be one with our bodies and our energy and let the music take us over.


We were each led into the depths of ourselves, creating and building something from the very foundation of our birthing centres, our wombs. This focus on our womanhood, on the very essence of our maternal nature was beautiful and timely.


I loved the circle. I loved that there were alternative poses available so I could work with where my body was at. I loved the freedom of movement. I loved creating and sharing the space with the other women present. I loved the whole experience. Thank you Odette for leading such a gorgeous circle. I have immense gratitude for the process and the reminder of what freedom feels like when we truly embody it. I look forward to my next adventure with you. "


- Emma McCann


Shakti Temple:

transform yourself, transform the world




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