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Odette with some of her students at her 'Medicine Woman' women's healing retreat September 2014, Tilba Tilba

Odette holding sacred yogic ceremony with her students at her 'Spirit of India' kundalini yoga retreat, in Goa, India, October 2015.

Presenting at Canberra Summer's End Yoga Festival

Image captured at The Kundalini Centre for 'The Heart and Soul of Transformation' - a transformative art exhibition and meditation journey with contemporary artist Michelle Hanson (pictured left).

Presenting a Kundalini Yoga philosophy workshop in Tilba Tilba, NSW.

Presenting at Boom Festival Portugal, 2016. 

Odette Gibbs


Odette Gibbs is the founder and director of The Kundalini Centre, the creation of which is a culmination of her lifelong passion and enthusiasm for understanding and evolving consciousness and human potential. Odette is a Kundalini Research Institute certified kundalini yoga teacher, and a registered Master Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia®. 


Odette began her practice of yoga and conscious spirituality at the age of 16 and has been diligently pursuing truth and authentic living ever since. To this end, Odette holds a BA(Hons) degree in philosophy from the Australian National University (ANU). She completed her honours thesis on the search for a fundamental theory of consciousness, focusing on the integration of Western philosophical and Eastern kundalini yoga perspectives. Her academic supervisor was Professor David Chalmers, one of the world’s foremost philosophers of consciousness, and founder of the Centre for Consciousness Studies at the ANU.


Odette has led a rich and varied life, having resided and travelled extensively in Africa, Europe and India. She is grateful to share her life with a tribe of inspirational friends and colleagues, including doctors of law and quantum physics, shamans, DJs, writers, music producers, human rights lawyers, business alchemists and other incredible human beings, each of whom offers a constant source of love, wisdom and joy in her life. Odette studied law at the Australian National University and taught first-year law at the University of Canberra. She takes increasing pleasure from weaving rigour, discernment and groundedness into the realms of spirituality. Odette observes that those at the cutting edge of consciousness are those who seek to ground their experiences of the mystical, the etheric and the cosmic in their bodies, in their lives, in their relationships, in their businesses, in their art, in their work. These are the people who create heaven on earth and who she is proud to call her conscious community.


Odette is impelled at all times by her connection to the kundalini energy, the energy of awareness and of all life - an energy we all share. She has spent years exploring shamanic and yogic states of consciousness and she seeks to honour her own revelatory experiences in her teaching, in her writing, in her relationships, in all she does. It is her most heartfelt desire to create sacred space for others to connect to this same source, to acknowledge and command their own power, to grow in vitality and awareness in their bodies, their minds, their spirits. Odette is committed to cultivating strength, beauty and love in all those who enter consciously onto the paths of their own truth. Odette has a love of music and a deep respect for its power to transform consciousness – having spent several years as a DJ performing at festivals around Australia, she brings this passion to her kundalini classes, which are suffused with music designed to enhance and support the yogic process of her students. Dance is another of Odette’s interests – she has trained and performed in the Bollywood style and is intrigued by the connections between dance and kundalini. 


Odette is firmly committed to the therapeutic benefits of knowing consciousness, of knowing the self, of knowing reality. This is the aim of all yoga – to purify the system such that one is able to apprehend the true nature of things. It is her contention that once we know who we are and what the fabric of life consists of, we touch a strength and a love that supports and holds us, no matter what challenges life may bring. We find that life begins to flow, as we cultivate an ability to hold more energy, more experience, more vitality. Odette is dedicated to supporting those who choose to enter this space in the service of evolving consciousness and unfurling the sacred potential of all beings, which is the essence of kundalini yoga. She is ever grateful to those who have inspired her on this path, in particular to her teachers Kathryn McCusker (Sarb Sewak), Sat Sarbat, Sat Mukh and kundalini yoga master Karta Singh Khalsa, founder of the acclaimed international kundalini yoga school Amrit Nam Sarovar.


Odette is currently completing her first book, 'Radical Wholeness: On the Nature of Consciousness, Existence and Evolution'.


What people are saying about Odette

& her work:


"Like no other class....

The catalyst for transformational change and healing in my life"


Odette brings a rare skill to her classes, retreats, one on one sessions, community sadhana and women's circles - a deep wisdom of everything kundalini and the energy of consciousness. Like no other class.  


Her practical approach of practicing yoga in the real world, intuitive guidance, deep wisdom, beauty and creativity continues to draw me to her classes and workshops. They have been the catalyst for transformational change and healing in my life. 


I have come to see myself as my greatest teacher and to whom I seek guidance but am blessed to have the support of this remarkable teacher. I encourage everyone to get to experience one of Odette's classes.

                                               - Fillippa Vickery, ACT (in photo, far left)

"An amazing journey of profound healing and expansion...
Changed my life" 

From my first Kundalini class with Odette, a spark ignited within me and I knew this was the start of an amazing journey of profound healing and expansion. I have been attending Odette’s group classes and had private sessions for some time and I am always amazed at the level of self-discovery she takes me to.


Odette truly is an amazing teacher. She brings such depth, authenticity, knowledge, passion and insight into every class. Odette is a true professional and always inspires and uplifts me as I continue my journey of expansion in mind, body and soul. My Kundalini journey with Odette has changed my life in so many wonderful and joyful ways.

                                                   - Lisa Searson


"Deep knowledge and understanding"


Odette is a great teacher who has a deep knowledge and understanding of Kundalini yoga and spirituality in general.  


She has taken my wife and me on a journey from never-done-yoga-in-my-life through to awakening and spiritual awareness.  


Her classes and at home meditations make great things just happen in all aspects of your life. 


                                                 - Ross McKay


"A REAL teacher...Highly recommended"


Odette is a REAL teacher who honours her path and is fully committed to it.


She creates a safe, warm place for you to open up so the wisdom can be passed on,

the medicine can flow through you on a truly opening, magical, remembering experience of our true being and connection to all.


Always left Odette’s class with a smile - happy, energized and centred, I look forward to continuing this journey. Highly recommended.


                                                - Adam Biles


"She's the real deal"


I LOVE Odette's approach to teaching Kundalini yoga. She's the real deal.


Under her guidance I feel like I've been opened up to a whole new way of living in the world... More centred, more calm and more able to flow with what arises.


                                                - Jules Clancy


"Odette is amazing"


Odette is amazing. So full of knowledge, gentle and down to earth.


She makes each class fun and exciting and my favourite ... her words of wisdom and the simple practices she gives you to take home. I recommend her classes to absolutely everyone!"


                                                 - Nicole Chini



"A marvellous instructor....easily the most serene person I've ever met...A lifechanger"


Odette is a marvellous instructor who invites participation from all the students in her course and is easily the most serene person I've ever met.


I highly recommend kundalini yoga at The Kundalini Centre with Odette.

Speaking from experience, it is a lifechanger. 


                                                 - Derek Shaw

"Delivers results in a real world scenario.... profoundly life-changing exercises and gentle, individual guidance that comes from a well of fathomless wisdom"

Odette has, I believe, through long study, diligent practice and then intuitive refinement, developed an alchemy of yogic practices that delivers results in a real world scenario.


After all, we can't all be monks...But we can all find half an hour a day, and practice the exercises that Odette teaches, and if you do that, (while you won't reach Enlightenment overnight), the positive changes that DO occur within you are very real-world and tangible.


It allowed me to facilitate the letting go of old, negative patterns of behavior, while my energy levels increase dramatically (without caffeine!!!) even as I found a new calmness within.

Her classes are filled not only with profoundly life-changing exercises, but also gentle, individual guidance that comes from a well of fathomless wisdom.

Odette is an absolute pleasure to be around, and her lessons are simply invaluable tools to have in everyday life, full stop!

                                               - Pete Ladwig

"Odette's classes have made a profound impact on my life"

I am so grateful to have found The Kundalini Centre, as Odette's classes have made a profound impact on my life.

Odette's methods of teaching bring a strong sense of acceptance and calm into each class.
There is an opening of space to allow personal exploration and growth in a friendly and peaceful environment. 

I would encourage anyone to come and experience The Kundalini Centre and explore their creative potential.


                                                - Caitlin Woodford


"Doing Kundalini yoga with Odette will definitely increase a person’s physical wellbeing, but to me it is so much more than that. It is a ‘one stop shop’ for wellbeing on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual."

I have had the pleasure of participating in both 8-week yoga courses and one-on-one private awakening yoga sessions with Odette Gibbs.  During the journey through the 8-week yoga courses I observe Odette communicating with each student on a truly individual level, but done in such a skilful way that it lifts the energetic vibration of the entire class.


The private ‘awakening’ sessions really do live up to their name. I feel awakened on not only immediately after the session, but on a continued basis as I do the home practice exercises, individually and lovingly chosen by Odette for my unique situation and needs at that time. 

Meeting Odette for the first time, I felt at ease physically, emotionally and spiritually; held by her ability to ‘meet me where I was’. Through my continued practice with Odette, I am developing heightened senses of inner knowing at all levels of consciousness. 

At first I was apprehensive and cautious with the physical postures due to pre-existing back and hip injuries. I needn’t have worried. I felt supported and encouraged to modify the postures as I needed to, truly honouring my own unique body and its limitations. 

Doing Kundalini yoga with Odette will definitely increase a person’s physical wellbeing but to me it is so much more than that. It is a ‘one stop shop’ for wellbeing on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. I’ve not found any other type of yoga that is so holistic or works so comprehensively at all of these levels.


                                                 - Lee Raynor

"Lifechanging...unforgettable...reawakened me to life"


Odette's Kundalini Centre draws people who are looking for something more than regular yoga classes can provide. Odette guides her students to heal, grow and balance in a beautiful environment with special energy. 


There's no pretence, competition or ego and classes are uplifting and full of laughter and loving energy.  I've tried many different styles of yoga over the last 20 years and while they all have their benefits, I've never found such a complete yoga, so powerful in the balance of body, mind and soul. 


I'm also very grateful to have had a private Shamanic Kundalini session with Odette, one which was extremely powerful and life-changing.  She guided me to clear old, burdening memories and energy from my body. It was an amazing, unforgettable and very nurturing experience which has opened me up and reawakened me to life.


                                              - Skye Bains














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