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Welcome dear friends and conscious community



I'm so glad to connect with you



Are you looking for a space to expand and refine yourself on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? To unleash the full magnificence that you know you have inside you?


Would you like to feel more energized, elevated, creative, calm and powerful? To deepen your relationship with yourself, your body, your loved ones, your environment, your work? 


Are you ready to let go of old patterns and baggage that have weighed you down for far too long? Are you ready to move out of stuck-ness, stress, depression and anxiety and into vibrant aliveness?


Then it is no accident that you have discovered this space.


The Kundalini Centre offers a sacred sanctuary for conscious individuals and community to awaken, enliven and enlighten themselves on all levels through the technology of kundalini yoga. ‘Kundalini’ is the energy of consciousness – ‘kundalini yoga’ refers to the practice of unfurling this energy within the human vessel in order to release your full potential. Read more about kundalini yoga on this site.


The Kundalini Centre offers yoga courses for beginners and more advanced students, women's full-moon yoga circles, private yoga sessions to refine and deepen your practice, workshops, retreats and other conscious-living events. 


Please feel free to learn more about our services, our philosophy and my personal story by navigating through the website.


With love,


Odette x


Odette Gibbs

Founder and Director of The Kundalini Centre


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