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... the journey begins Wednesday 5 February, 2020 ...

Discover your Chakra Totem Animals & Unleash your Inner Wild!

- You were born wild and free -


Remember those days as a child when you played for hours in the dirt,

climbed trees and splashed unreservedly in puddles and rivers?

Each leaf and each butterfly was a hidden treasure, full of infinite potential, creativity and fun.

Animals stoked the imagination, and invited curiosity, lightness of being,

and an initiation into the raw and playful mysteries of life. 


And then…. Somewhere along the line, you “grew up”.

You became tamed.

Tamed by modern society, by family, study or work pressures, by deadlines, headlines, demands, expectations,

and perhaps most cripplingly, by the voice of your own inner critic.

You agreed, perhaps without realising it, to become shackled and sanitised.

You unconsciously traded in the intrinsic magic and lustre of life for… ‘stuff’, ‘status’, ‘affirmation’, ‘stability’. And yet….your hunger for life remained.

The yearning to be wild could never truly be extinguished, because it remains the wolf-call of your very nature.


And now you hear it howling, growling, roaring again, deep from within….


This is the journey for you, if you are ready to set yourself free of the chains, the egoic cages, the starched collars, the boxes, the “shoulds” and the “shouldn’ts”, which keep you constrained,

constricted and playing small in life.


This is the journey for those who wish to enter deeply

into the radical space of their own inner wilderness.

In this place, we reconnect to our fundamental essence as a force of nature -

untamed, powerful, colourful, playful, raw and real.


Shamanic traditions have worked with the medicine of animals since the dawn of time, acknowledging that each animal holds specific power, unique lessons and incredible healing wisdom. Not only this, but each individual person holds specific affinities and relationships with particular animals -  known as their totem or power animals.



Similarly, the ancient yogis were strongly connected to totemic animal medicine.

In kundalini yoga, each chakra (or energy centre) of the human being is understood to be related to a specific animal, or coterie of animals – ranging from....


the busy BEE or earthy ant in the first chakra,

the flowing and flirtatious BUTTERFLY in the second chakra,

the powerful and incisive COBRA in the third chakra,

the sweet and sensitive DEER in the heart chakra,

the expressive and flamboyant PEACOCK in the fifth chakra,

and the graceful, rarefied SWAN (hamsa) in the sixth chakra.

Luminous consciousness and the seed potential of all animals and forms

is understood to reside in the crown chakra.


In modern times, the work of Eligio Gallegos and others has been intrinsic to fusing these shamanic and yogic systems into an integrated body of knowledge known as the Totem Pole Process, which uses guided imagery to evoke and heal our wild essence.


In this Totemic Kundalini course, you will go deeper still, weaving together shamanic, yogic and tantric embodied exercises - including asana, mudra, breathwork and vocalisation - with modern psychotherapeutic guided visualisation methods,

culminating in your very own Totem Pole Process experience,

all to allow you to GO DEEP with your yogic practice and 

personal chakra totem animals,

and ultimately to...



The course includes 20 hours of class time. 

Workshops will be held on the following dates at The Kundalini Centre,

with each session running Wednesdays 6.15pm - approx 8.45pm. Class ending times may vary somewhat.


                            Workshop 1: Introduction to Totemic Kundalini & Chakra Totem Animals - 5 February

Workshop 2: First Chakra Totems- 12 February

     Workshop 3: Second Chakra Totems - 19 February

  Workshop 4: Third Chakra Totems - 26 February

     Workshop 5: Fourth Chakra Totems - 4 March

Workshop 6: Fifth Chakra Totems - 11 March

Workshop 7: Sixth Chakra Totems- 18 March

      Workshop 8: Seventh Chakra Totems & Totem Pole Process - 25 March


Only 10 exclusive places available – book now to reserve your space


                                  Advance Early Bird Rate: $360 if you book by 12 November, 2019

                                                Early Bird Rate: $390 if you book by 21 November, 2019 

Standard Rate: $480 


10% discount for pensioners and full-time students (5% for part-time students). Must present concession card.

Bank transfer or credit card payment via PayPal accepted. Payment plan available on request.


For bookings and enquiries please contact Odette at or phone 0423 985 245



"When you bring your awareness inwards and connect with consciousness, with Self, you may start to think of this consciousness as “my” inner world, as if you are connecting with something limited to human consciousness.


Remember, as a [Yogi or] Yogini, you are exploring the inner world of existence itself: the inside of the inside of this seemingly solid world. When you bring your awareness inside, you do so through the human experience as a portal into the mystery, into this field of luminous consciousness permeating through and taking form as all things.


This consciousness is no less present inside the leaves of grass on the field, nor in the whale in the deep ocean, nor in the wind or the rocks." - Chameli Ardagh

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