Kundalini & the Eight Limbs of Yoga:

8 Week Course for Continuing Students

...the journey begins Wednesday 19 August 2020...





















Want to awaken your inner guru?


Ready to expand and refine your kundalini yoga practice?


Keen to learn the essential yogic secrets of enlightenment and wellbeing?


Join us for this deep journey into the heart of the yoga tradition.

This 8 week course explores kundalini yoga through the lens of Patanjali’s ‘eight limbs’ of yoga.


Around 400CE, Patanjali, one of the most acclaimed yogic sages of all time, compiled his eight limb pathway to enlightenment as a part of the ‘Yoga Sutras’- a text which became a foundational touchstone for yoga in all traditions.


In this course, you will explore and experience the power of this eightfold kundalini awakening pathway, via:


             Yama (the five restraints of yoga)

                    Niyama (the five observances of yoga)

 Asana (physical postures)

Pranayama (breathwork)

              Pratyahar (mastery of the senses)

                   Dharana (one-pointed concentration)

  Dhyana (deep meditation)

                                      Samadhi (absorption in spirit/ unity consciousness)


Forget ‘faux-ga’ (faux-yoga!), and access the real deal:


this course provides you the opportunity to learn tried and tested tools which have been used for millennia to expand awareness and enhance vitality. 


Learn simple and practical ways to use these ancient techniques of self-mastery to...


Spark the evolution of your consciousness &

awaken your potential in body, mind and spirit!


This course runs Wednesdays for 8 weeks, 6.15-8.45pm

(note class finishing times may sometimes vary)


Earlybird Investment: $360 if you book before 27 June, 2020

                                 $390 if you book before 12 July 2020

Standard Investment: $480


This course is limited to 10 exclusive places.

To secure your place, please contact Odette at love@thekundalinicentre.com or on 0423 985 245.


















What people are saying about this course:


Taking the Kundalini 8 limbs journey with Odette has really strengthened my mind, body and soul and brought them into a better alignment.

The course deepened our understanding of yogic practice, consciousness, connection to our selves, it also improved our perception and connection to the universe. It was amazing sharing with the group and hearing each others' experiences aligned with the themes of each week.

It was wonderful getting that confirmation that we are all connected and learning from one another.

I had a variety of wonderful spiritual experiences and Odette's knowledge and insight helped us all understand our energy and consciousness better.

Thanks Odette!


- Bianca Reese