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You have felt the call deep in your bones,

The yearning to know, to truly know – who am I really?


Beneath the cloaks, the masks, the veils and charades,

what is my underlying essence? How do I come back home?


And you are ready.


So very ready.


Ready to strip away the untruths

which have kept you bound in cages of limitation

for far too long.


Ready to stand naked before the universe.

To receive the wisdom which you know deep down is your birthright.


You are ready to awaken untold mysteries.

You are ready to meet your sacred self with open arms.


To heal, to step into the totality, immensity and magnificence of your authentic, wild BEING

You are ready to claim your sacred destiny.

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted.


This is a journey which will take you deep into the visceral lifeblood of the SELF, the pulsating heartbeat of the universe.


And it is there that you will unearth treasures of indescribable value,

The diamonds of self-knowledge which serve to bring you whole.

Because it’s time.









Join us for this immersive 7 day transformational healing quest to the Sacred Valley in Peru.


Using the potent combination of Kundalini yoga and sacred shamanic plant-based medicine ceremonies,

you will be supported to integrate the fragments of self; to release old trauma and baggage from the body, mind and spirit; to claim a sense of vision and purpose, to step into radical self-love and acceptance, and to awaken to the liberating totality of your true nature.

This is a retreat for those who are genuinely committed to transforming their lives at all levels.

It is particularly suited for those who suffer from longstanding issues which have proven resistant to other healing approaches, as well as those who seek to step further into their awakening journey.








 The Shamanic Teacher Plants

It is a little-known fact that one of the most important pathways of awakening in yoga is the pathway of awakening via herbs or plants,

known as 'aushadhi'.

Aushadhi is referred to in Patanjali's yoga sutras, as well as by such yogic greats as Sivananda,

attesting to the profound synergy and shared ethos of the shamanic and yogic process. 

We will be working with the healing power of three traditional shamanic plant medicines,

each of which is legal in Peru and has a long and well-respected history of ceremonial usage for healing purposes.


At each step, you will be thoroughly supported to prepare for and integrate the powerful lessons and experiences catalysed by the process, with preparatory dietary guidance, intention-setting exercises, individual counsel, group forums and more.


















What past participants are saying about Sacred Awakenings Peru:

"Overwhelmingly profound....

Like nothing else I've ever experienced before...

The most amazing experience of my life"


"Literally changed my life...

43 years of armour stripped away in a few hours.

It's transformative!"

                             "Deeply rewarding...

So much gratitude for this experience"


Very limited places available for this journey of a lifetime


Costs, including all shared accommodation at our eco retreat centre in the Sacred Valley, yoga, shamanic ceremonies, individual and group intention-setting and integration work, excursions & daily meals (excludes airfares, airport transfers, tips, snacks & incidentals):


Earlybird Rate: USD$1999 per person for bookings made before January 31, 2020

Standard Rate: USD$2199

Single rooms are available at request, for a supplemental charge.


USD$975 deposit will secure your place, and your commitment to embark on this transformational quest to bring yourself whole.


To apply to join Sacred Awakenings 2020, or for further information, please contact Odette on 0423 985 245 or at



Note: If you wish to join both Sacred Awakenings & Wyld Tantra retreat, for an immersive 14 day experience,

combined cost for both retreats is available for a limited time at USD$3333 or three payments of $1111


Your retreat will be hosted by Odette Gibbs, founder of The Kundalini Centre – the first and only Kundalini yoga school in Australia's capital city, Canberra. Odette is a certified Master yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia. She has an academic background in law and East-West philosophy of consciousness, having completed her honours thesis in philosophy at The Australian National University on kundalini yoga and a fundamental theory of consciousness, supervised by Prof. David Chalmers, head of the ANU’s Centre for Consciousness. She is currently completing her book 'Radical Wholeness: On the Nature of Consciousness, Existence and Evolution'. Odette has spent more than a decade exploring the healing and awakening potential of shamanic states via the use of visionary plant medicines, including deep initiations in the Amazon jungle and the Andes. Odette's initial experiences of kundalini awakening and self-realisation were catalysed in part by work with visionary medicines, hence her desire to share the extraordinary power and profundity of these tools with others. As a powerful shamanic healer, Odette offers a deep marriage of academic rigour and insight into the nature of existence, together with a wellspring of love, devotion, compassion and experiential spiritual knowledge, catalysing deep integrations and healings for the individuals and community she serves.

It was an overwhelmingly profound experience for me.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had Odette facilitating. I really feel like I have felt so deeply into my heart, and out of this experience I have grown so much as a person.

And I will look back at this time with so much love and awe.

It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.

All the different elements that came into this particular retreat are just so perfect and so well thought out. I feel so so blessed to have taken part, and grateful for following my intuition as well…to go with my heart and seek out this experience which has made me grow so much as a person. Thank you!


I can say....You will be complete if you take this journey! The absolute marriage between these two different and yet so similar experiences (kundalini yoga and shamanic plant medicine work) is just so incredibly invigorating. Just do it. Jump in. Trust your intuition and jump in. I did, and I have had the most amazing experience of my life.


- Caitlin Woodford

Our Ayahuasca ceremony literally changed my life.

The revelations blew my mind.

Finally all the pieces started coming into place.

And the soul healing Odette did with me…It was something I could never have done for myself.  That soul healing was one of the most incredible moments of my life. It changed me from having a blocked, sad, almost depressed heart, into having lightness and a way forward. I have an incredible lightness of being now, that makes decision making so much easier. See, it wasn’t san pedro, it wasn’t ayahuasca, it wasn’t the conversations we had, but it was all of them together. Odette’s insights are just incredible and so on point.

I had 43 years of armour stripped away in a few hours. It’s transformative – I’m a different person now than I was a week and a bit ago!"

- Ross McKay

Having the faith to come on this journey has been deeply rewarding.

Rewarding for my relationship with myself, rewarding for my relationship with others….it’s been rewarding through all of my senses.

Being surrounded by so much beautiful yoga, so much beautiful food,

such a paradise of the landscape…

I’ve never been somewhere that so deeply reminded me of the Garden of Eden.

This is such a beautiful space for this type of healing work. I have so much gratitude for this experience. Kundalini yoga and shamanic plant medicines feed of each other so beautifully...kundalini yoga provides such an incredible integration of the plant medicine.

If you are thinking about taking some really strong, positive steps in your life, just do it!”.

- Jayenna Dall


Ayahuasca, known as 'The Grandmother', is a combination of two plants - the banisteriopsis caapi vine  ("vine of souls") and the chakruna plant. The ayahuasca brew is a potent purgative, allowing deep release  of toxicity of the mind, body and spirit. The ayahuasca experience facilitates the capacity to face ones fears and to recognise and heal old traumas, including deepseated inherited ancestral patterning. Some will experience intricate visions and realisations during ayahuasca ceremony. However, regardless of whether visions occur, a profound sense of liberation, connection to the web of life and deep empowerment are common outcomes of working with ayahuasca.

Cacao is a medicine of the heart, which catalyses our remembrance of the deep love we all carry within us. Shamanically prepared jungle cacao is a rich and thick brew, of an entirely different order to ordinary     'cocoa' or 'chocolate'. We will enjoy an ecstatic cacao ceremony on our final night of retreat, to celebrate      and honour the lessons and blessings we have received throughout the journey.

San Pedro, otherwise known as 'The Grandfather' is a member of the cactus family.

This medicine has  been traditionally used for centuries to open the heart, facilitate deep connection to nature, assist in the release of trauma and in reconnection to the joy of being. We will enjoy a daytime San Pedro journey as a powerful yet relatively gentle introduction to

     shamanic plant medicine work. You will be lovingly supported throughout the experience, with the  power of nature, shamanic song (icaro) and personal counsel as appropriate.

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