Awakening the Embodied Spirit: 

  Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 8 Week Course



Are you ready to EVOLVE?


Sick and tired of feeling

flat, stressed, anxious, depressed, irritable, insecure or overweight?


Awaken to the Real You with kundalini yoga


Join us for this exclusive course at The Kundalini Centre - Canberra and Queanbeyan’s first & only kundalini yoga and wellness studio.

Experience the powerfully transformative, vibrantly energizing and deeply healing effects of kundalini yoga, the ‘mother of all yogas’.

Kundalini yoga is for everyone with a desire to unfurl their potential, gain a strong and vital body & mind and to explore the nature of life and the universe.


The Kundalini Centre is a haven for conscious individuals and community, a temple dedicated to your awakening.  

You will be led by Odette Gibbs, who is qualified to teach kundalini yoga by the Kundalini Research Institute and is a registered Master yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia. This transformative 8 workshop course will introduce you to the basics of kundalini yoga and meditation, via a deep journey through the seven chakras.

Course content includes asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), mantra (sacred sounds), bandhas (yogic locks) and

yogic philosophy of consciousness. The course also includes short regular home practice exercises and group forum, to assist in integrating your practice into daily life.


The course includes 20 hours of class time.

Workshops will be held on the following dates at The Kundalini Centre,

with each session running Tuesdays 6.15 - 8.45pm* (please note, class ending times are approximate, and may vary somewhat), 


                           Workshop 1: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga - 20 October

 Workshop 2: First Chakra - 27 October

      Workshop 3: Second Chakra - 3 November

 Workshop 4: Third Chakra - 10 November

   Workshop 5: Fourth Chakra -17 November

  Workshop 6: Fifth Chakra - 24 November

   Workshop 7: Sixth Chakra - 1 December

      Workshop 8: Seventh Chakra - 8 December



Connect to your conscious community and commit to unfurling your deepest potential


Only 10 exclusive places available – book now to reserve your space


                              Advance Early Bird Rate: $333 if you book by 31 August, 2020

                                         Early Bird Rate: $388 if you book by 30 September, 2020 

Standard Rate: $444 


10% discount for pensioners and full-time students (5% for part-time students). Must present concession card.

Bank transfer or credit card payment via PayPal accepted. Payment plan available on request.


For bookings and enquiries please contact Odette at or phone 0423 985 245



















What people are saying about 'Awakening the Embodied Spirit':


"I am so pleased with the results of adding this ongoing journey to my schedule. I cannot recommend Odette and her class enough, it has benefitted me in so many unexpected ways, more so than I first anticipated. Odette teaches her class with a genuine and well organised structure, she exudes true commitment to her path, as she guides her students on a multi levelled journey of clearing and activating the chakras.

Drawing from personal experience combined with traditional teaching methods, the process she teaches is gentle yet powerful, I have experienced many tangible and beneficial results from the kriyas on many levels, physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually. I look forward to continuing the classes on an ongoing journey, awakening by degrees my true power and potential. I leave each class feeling centred clear and energised, and notice the ongoing benefits unfold with each passing week, on a day to day basis. as a result of attending the weekly classes and doing the meditations and breathing techniques we are given to do at home."


- Lucinda Humphreys


"I have been a student of Odette's Kundalini class for for only one term, yet it has already made an impact in my life.

Kundalini yoga has brought me so much more clarity, peace and understanding.

It is such an amazing 'tool' to have to cope with every day stresses and life. 


Odette is amazing. So full of knowledge, gentle and down to earth.

She makes each class fun and exciting  and my favourite ... her words of wisdom and the simple practices she gives you to take home.

I recommend her classes to absolutely everyone!" 


- Nicole Chini

I have a number of issues relating to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from my service in the NSW Police Rescue Squad.

The main being in relation to mood. My nickname at work is "Old and Grumpy".

However, after only the first lesson, my mood lifted amazingly, to the point where my co-workers kept asking why I was so different. I felt like Id drunk a full container of "happy juice". I was gliding through the following days and everything just felt "smoother ".

 I am 55 years of age and not exactly what I would call pliable. However, I was relieved to find that the students are not forced to adopt any position strictly and alternatives are offered for those of us who, and lets be kind here, can't quite reach our toes.
Odette is a marvellous instructor who invites participation from all the students in her course and is easily the most serene person Ive ever met. I highly recommend Kundalini Yoga at the Kundalini Centre with Odette.

Speaking from experience, it is a life changer.

    - Derek Shaw

"I have just completed the eight week beginners kundalini course with Odette. I loved the course. I've learnt about the energy of each chakra, and meditations and movements that I can continue to practice. A highlight for me was an experience I had, of what I can only describe as chanting with the body. I've never experienced anything quite like it before. We would move to the rhythm of the music (amazing music) while Odette held the space, so we were safe to let go. I travelled so far, without even leaving the room. I highly recommend trying the course!"

- Alicia Brown


"I have been interested in kundalini for years, so feeling super blessed to have found this course. Firstly I’d like to say what an amazinggg experience, and to mention Odette is a REAL teacher who honours her path and is fully committed to it. She creates a safe, warm place for you to open up so the wisdom can be passed on, the medicine can flow through you in a truly opening, magical, remembering experience of our true being and connection to all.

Some of the benefits I have received from this practice include clarity of being, remembering connection to oneness, and believing in myself. 

The kriyas are strong and powerful combined with the meditations, bringing a great awareness of the energy centres. With practice I became aware of some small blockages that required work, this has helped me on my journey, giving me an extra boost of vitality, awareness and warmth inside - reminding me to BELIEVE.

Always left Odette’s class with a smile - happy, energized and centred, I look forward to continuing this journey. Highly recommended."


- Adam Biles


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