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Sometimes ‘life happens’, and you cannot attend  - or choose not to attend –

a course, retreat, session or other event which you have paid for.


We want you to know that you are responsible for any personal change of mind and any personal non-attendance at classes, sessions, events or retreats.


Refunds of payments for fees and charges (including deposits) will not be provided simply due to your change of mind, or due to your non-attendance at classes, sessions, events or retreats.

In rare and exceptional cases, those who are prevented from attending a retreat may be offered a full or partial credit transfer (not including the value of any initial deposit, which is non-refundable) to be used toward future courses, retreats, or events offered by The Kundalini Centre. Clients will only be eligible for a credit transfer if they have been regular attendees at the studio for one year or more. Even when this prerequisite is met, the final decision as to whether your case is exceptional, and whether a credit transfer will in fact be offered, lies at the sole discretion of The Kundalini Centre. 

Payment Plans:


If you have entered into a payment plan agreement,

you are liable to pay all monies owing, regardless of your attendance. 


Private sessions exemptions:


Cancellations for private bookings with more than 24 hours notice can be rescheduled without charge,

at the discretion of The Kundalini Centre.


Cancellations for private bookings with less than 24 hours notice (including no shows) will incur a fee of 50% of the appointment cost. This applies regardless of whether payment has been made in advance or not.

If payment has been made in advance, remaining monies (ie. monies remaining after the 50% cancellation fee has been deducted) can be credited toward a rescheduled session, and the remainder will need to be paid for that session.

As stated above, refunds will not be provided due to your personal change of mind or non-attendance at sessions.

Any credits applied in the above circumstances will remain active for 6 months. 

If no session has been rescheduled by this time, the credits will expire.

Pre-paid private sessions: 

If you have paid for a block of private sessions in advance,

these sessions must be taken within 12 months of payment, otherwise they expire.


The Kundalini Centre prides itself on creating a safe and uplifting environment. 

We have a zero tolerance policy for poor student behaviour.

Student behaviour which is violent, aggressive, rude, excessively negative, or which causes distress or excessive discomfort to others will not be tolerated.

If you engage in any such behaviour, you may be ejected from a class, session, course, retreat or event,

without recourse to a refund. 



In the event of any emergent lockdown or restrictions which prevent in-person courses or private sessions

from going ahead, The Kundalini Centre will provide options for students to complete their course or session. 


Depending on the nature, timing and duration of any lockdown or restrictions, these options may include:

- rescheduling in-person classes or sessions

- providing livestream online classes or sessions or

- providing a credit to book into a future course or session. 


Please rest assured that in these circumstances, we will ensure all students and clients have the opportunity to complete their courses or private sessions, no matter what arises. 

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