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 Kundalini Alchemy

  8 Week Yoga Journey

...the journey begins Wednesday 31 July 2024...













"Yoga and meditation is the alchemy of transforming the unconscious into the conscious. It is a tremendous power" 

 - Osho

Alchemists - those who seek to deeply understand themselves and the universe -

have existed throughout history and from all corners of the globe.

If you are a yogi, a seeker or a deep thinker, you are an alchemist.

The magnum opus, or ‘Great Work’ of alchemy whispers of the quest to uncover the elixir of life, and the search for the philosopher’s stone which would turn lead into gold. This represents the journey of the seeker to connect to the vibrant essence of his or her true nature, and the process of transformation by which the prima materia of one’s current life is purified and refined into mature and luminous self awareness and actualisation. 

This course is for those who are ready to advance deeper on their yoga journey, 

to awaken, purify and transform their body, mind and spirit & to unleash new levels of energy and awareness in life.








We will take our cues from ancient yogic, alchemical and mystical texts,

and modern psychotherapeutic perspectives, as we dive deeply into the four step alchemical transformation formula

to awaken and unleash our hidden power and potential.


STAGE 1: Nigredo (blackening) - RELEASE/ CATHARSIS >> release blocked physical energy & emotional trauma

STAGE 2: Albedo (whitening) - PURIFICATION >> detox and soothe the body & mind

STAGE 3: Citrinitas (yellowing) - AWAKENING >>> reignite your vital spark, expand your consciousness 

STAGE 4: Rubedo (reddening) - VITALITY/ WHOLENESS >> experience radical embodied connection & inner integration


Over the 8 week course, we will spend two weeks on each consecutive stage 

- one gentle week & one deep and dynamic week.

We will explore specific and targeted kundalini yoga postures, breathwork, mantra, energy work,

sound healing, philosophy and deep enquiry. 

This is a journey not to be missed!

Workshops run 6.15-9pm (class end time may vary slightly)

on Wednesdays for 8 weeks, beginning 10 February. 

Only 10 exclusive places available – book now to reserve your space.


                      Advance Early Bird Rate: $444 if you book by 21 June, 2024 

Earlybird Rate: $488 if you book by 12 July, 2024

Standard Rate: $555 


10% discount for pensioners and full-time students (5% for part-time students). Must present concession card.

Bank transfer or credit card payment via PayPal accepted. Payment plan available on request.


For bookings and enquiries please contact Odette at or phone 0423 985 245

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