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What is kundalini yoga?


Kundalini yoga has been called the mother of all yogas, and practice of kundalini yoga is recognized as one of the fastest pathways to spiritual evolution.


‘Yoga’ means union – of the finite individual self with the infinite divine self. ‘Kundalini’ refers to the energy of consciousness, which may be harnessed to unify and align a person with his or her sacred essence. Those who practice kundalini yoga find they grow rapidly in all areas of life – whilst this process differs in each individual, it may include the experience of greater physical health and vitality, enhanced mental clarity and focus, the ability to cultivate better relationships, to create more abundance in life, to release old patterns and traumas and to access more creativity, inspiration and joy. This form of yoga is essentially a technology for unfurling the potential that lies waiting to burst forth in each human being. If you desire to expand yourself and access your full potential, then kundalini is for you.


Whilst connecting deeply to the spiritual, kundalini yoga is also eminently practical. By using kundalini yoga to clear yourself of unuseful thoughtforms and habits, you can become a more fully functional human being in all aspects of life.


How does it work?


Kundalini yoga employs specific sets of postures known as kriyas, which are designed to target particular areas of the body or psyche, in order to produce desired effects. Specific breathing techniques (pranayam), sacred sounds (mantras), rhythm, yogic locks (bandhas), meditation and music are also used to enhance this process.


The techniques to access and expand the energy of consciousness, the kundalini, have been explored for millennia by the great mystics of the East. Sacred texts such as the Upanishads, the Vedas and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras expound the operations of kundalini yoga. Scholars and teachers, including Sir John Woodroffe, Carl Jung and Yogi Bhajan introduced the discourse on kundalini yoga to a Western audience and there now exists a thriving global kundalini yoga community.


Who can practice kundalini yoga?


Anyone can practice kundalini! Whilst this style of yoga is dynamic and varied, it is not a competitive sport. Students are supported and encouraged to maintain awareness of the capacities of their own bodies, and to challenge themselves to become stronger and more flexible without strain or injury. With kundalini you start with where you are. If you are willing to begin or expand your process of self-evolution, you are already qualified to start practicing kundalini yoga. And the great new is - the benefits of kundalini yoga begin immediately!

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