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Level 3 Kundalini Yoga:

Mind, Body & Consciousness

...the journey begins Thursday 28 April....

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the universe?


Join us for this powerful and immersive journey into the nature of mind, body and consciousness.


This course is dedicated to yogis and seekers who yearn to truly understand the fundamental nature of reality and being. 


Dive deeply into the profound relationships between contemporary philosophical perspectives and ancient yogic approaches to mind, body, consciousness and existence.

Learn how to apply this knowledge to unlock new levels of

wholeness, truth and vitality in your life.


We will explore:


- The ‘Mind-Body problem’ – the question of how mind and body interrelate

- Monist (Advaita), Dualist (Dvaita) and Transcendentalist perspectives on consciousness

- The Conscious & Unconscious mind – western and yogic perspectives

- Ways of Knowing consciousness– the role and limits of science, yoga and philosophy

- Time and its role in the mind-body relationship 

- Causality: where do consciousness, mind and matter come from? 

- Ego, Consciousness and Evolution 

- Methods of Awakening and Evolving Consciousness, Healing Mind and Body


You will be led through a powerfully integrative journey, blending theoretical and reflective exercises with practical, embodied yogic postures, breath and mantra, in order to awaken and unify your mind, body and consciousness.


Take yourself to the next level


This course is suitable for advanced students who have completed at least one Level 2 course at The Kundalini Centre. Students who have not completed Level 2, but who have considerable experience with yoga or other forms of self-exploration or healing, are also eligible.

Those who have a deep desire to join this course, but who have minimal yogic experience,

may still be eligible to join with permission of the teacher.

Please contact Odette to discuss your needs and your suitability for this course.


Only 10 exclusive places available – book now to reserve your space


          Advance Early Bird Rate: $330 if you book by 31 March, 2016

                        Early Bird Rate: $380 if you book by 13 April, 2016


Standard Rate: $440 


10% discount for pensioners and full-time students (5% for part-time students). Must present concession card.

Bank transfer or credit card payment via PayPal accepted. Payment plan available on request.



For bookings and enquiries, call 0423 985 245 or email


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